About Agency

The Department of Strategic Planning and Systemic Management

Functions and Responsibilities of the Department

  • Coordination of activities of  the structural  units of the Agency;
  • Analysis of activities of  the structural  units of the Agency and development of methodology of activities in relevant spheres on the basis of conducted analysis;
  • Conducting of marketing activities for promotion of development of services, to be offered by the Agency to stakeholders;
  • Monitoring of activities of the staff of the Agency;
  • Informational-technological  support of activities of the Agency;
  • Legal support of activities of the Agency;
  • Elaboration of draft normative acts related to activities of the Agency and their submission to the Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia; 
  • Within the limits of its competence representation of the Agency in front of the court, public institutions and other natural and legal persons;  
  • Provision of legal assistance to interested parties; 
  • Preparation of applications, appeals, private claims, counter claims, reclaiming notes, cassations and other arbitration or procedural documentation, envisaged by legislation of Georgia;
  • Development of unified environmental data bases (meteorological, hydrological, geological, environmental pollution), introduction, management and maintenance of new technologies (updating, protection, archiving); 
  • Introduction of new technologies and development of information-reference system;
  • Provision of public information; 
  • Administration of Website of the agency and social networks.