About Agency

Environmental Pollution and Monitoring Department

Functions and Responsibilities of the Department

  • Establishing of pollution levels on the territory of Georgia, caused by natural and anthropogenic pressures, conducting of regular observations of chemical, biological and microbiological pollution of atmospheric air, water, atmospheric precipitation, the Black Sea and soil through stationary observation points and expeditions; as well as conducting of regular observations over background radiation and determination of levels of physical pollution factors (such as electromagnetic fields, noise and vibration);
  • Development of data bases on the qualitative status of environment and control over quality of the data sets;
  • Provision of information on environmental pollution to the public administration bodies and relevant stakeholders;
  • Participation in activities targeted towards identification of cases of extreme pollution of environment;
  • Within the limits of its competence participate in assessment of damage, caused by ecological emergency situations;
  • Participation in assessments of the risk of ecological hazards and determination of expected damage;
  • Preparation of annual reports, bulletins, overviews, newsletters and other materials, containing factual information on environmental pollution;
  • Research of sources of environmental pollution and emissions and conducting of monitoring within the framework of contracts, concluded with stakeholders (clients); establishing of effectiveness of treatment facilities and dust-trapping units; elaboration of draft norms of maximum allowable limits of emissions of hazardous substances and discharge norms;
  • Within the limits of its competence provision of methodological and practical assistance to relevant structural subdivisions of the ministry;
  • Within the limits of its competence participation in international cooperation in the sphere of monitoring of environmental pollution.