Everybody has the right of access to public information, as well as materials, unless they contain state, professional or commercial secret and personal data.


Public information can be requested in paper format, as well as in electronic format.


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Specialist of administrative Department: Tinatin Mgeladze

Address: 0112, Tbilisi, Aghmashenbeli Avenue, N150

Tel: 243-95-24



Public information - official document (including drawing, model, plan, design, photo, electronic information, video and audio recordings) maintained by a public institution, i.e. an information received, processed, created or sent by a public institution or civil servants in regard to implementation of their activities, as well as public information, made available by a public institution on proactive basis.


Public information is provided free of charge, except for costs related to making copies of such public documents. 


Public institution issues public information immediately, or no later than within 10 days. If a 10 day term is necessary for issuing of public information, or if the applicant was refused issuing of such information, the applicant should be immediately notified regarding this.

Refusal to issue public information - in the event of refusal of issuing of public information a public institution within 3 days from adoption of such decision shall notify the applicant regarding such refusal and shall inform the applicant in writing on his rights of appealing reached decision and the rules of appealing of decisions, with indication of structural units or public institutions, with which consultations were conducted in the course of arriving to decision on refusal of issuing of information. 

Personal data confidentiality

As personal data is considered any information, which allows for identification of a natural person. A person is identifiable, when his identity can be established directly or indirectly, namely by an ID number, or person’s physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social features. A public institution is obligated not to divulge personal data of persons, except for public officials (as well as candidates nominated for the position of a public official) without consent of a person or without substantiated decisions of a court, as provided by the law.

Commercial secret

Commercial secret is information related to a plan, formula, process, or means, which has commercial value, or any other information, which is used for production, processing, or treatment of goods or provision of services, and/or information, which is innovative or is an important result of technical creative work, as well as information, divulging of which can cause damage to competitiveness of a person.

Professional secret

Professional secret is information, related to personal information or commercial secret of other persons, which became known to another person due to implementation of his job-related duties.

State secret

As state secret is considered information, which includes data containing state secrets related to the spheres of defense, economic, foreign affairs, intelligence, state security and public order, divulging or loss of which can cause substantial damage to the sovereignty, constitutional order, political and economic interests of Georgia or parties to international agreements and covenants. Information, which is acknowledged as state secret by the national law and international agreements shall be subject to protection. Information shall be classified as state secret in accordance with requirements of the Law on State Secret.