The Department offers following services:



  • Current and historical hydrometeorological data; 
  • Statistical parameters of multiannual hydrometeorological data sequences reflecting complex climatic characteristics; 
  • Climatic services for construction activities through provision of multiannual data sets; 
  • Determination of the areas under the risk of flooding due to recurrence of flashfloods and floods with different periodicity (5,10,20,50 and 100 year cycles) and zoning of such territories on the map; 
  • Preparation of general and specialized short, medium and long term weather forecasts; 
  • Warnings on expected risks of adverse natural hydrometeorological occurrences, as well as issuance of special forecasts and warnings on the risk of avalanches; 
  • Designing of hydrotechnical facilities of marine infrastructure, forecasting of dynamics on coastal zones and river banks; 
  • Works related to measurement of hydrometeorological parameters; 
  • Works related to measurement of meteorological parameters; 
  • Mounting and installation of meteorological and hydrological observation devices and equipment;